15 Ways to Feel Good Every Day

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Feel Good Every Day

Feel Good Every DayHow can I feel good every day? Just be positive and smile. This is what people say when you ask them this most important question. It’s true that being positive can help, but hey, we don’t have a pause button that stops negative thoughts from entering our head. You can’t just switch moods with a blink of an eye. So, stop trying all that. Here we have listed 15 ways to look and feel good every day that you can follow.

Stop being serious

Don’t be so serious about everything. That serious face is not going to help you come out of that mess you or others have created. You can’t just fix life, people, and the mistakes you have made. Stop beating yourself up too much for such things. Take life less seriously, at least not when you wake up in the morning. You’ve got plenty of time to do things so don’t forget realizing how much fun it is to be alive. If you’re reading this, you’re alive and it’s really the greatest reason to be happy about.

Learn to enjoy your own company

If you’ll ask the internet to tell you ways to feel better every day, you will be surprised to know that most people will suggest speaking to those who genuinely love you and care about you. Positive interactions help a lot and if possible, every day, spend some time with such people. Speak to someone you feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind that finding these people is not easy, and if you are considering others as your only source of happiness then you’re doing it wrong. What if someday they won’t be around? You should learn the ways you can enjoy your own company and how you can start loving yourself.

Get your body moving

Without a healthy body, you can’t look and feel better, not even for an hour. Your body and mind need exercise. It can be anything as simple as a 20-minute walk outside the office or as complex as hitting the gym every day. When you pay extra attention to your body rather than letting things happen to it, you feel more confident.

When you stand in front of a mirror your reaction decides how you’re going to feel throughout the day. When you wear your favorite shirts, trousers, tops, and tees, a healthy and fit body gives you a better feeling about yourself and wherever you go, you feel confident and more special.

Keep a pocket-sized gratitude journal and read it often

We’ve all experienced our share of success and failures. Many of us find it easy to feel better every day when things go well. Most of us struggle to maintain that happiness when life gets challenging, relationships get harder to maintain, and work gets boring or more demanding. A gratitude journal can help you feel good every day. Write your thoughts and read them. Keep a pocket-sized journal so that you’ll remember to read it.

Stay away from news

In the early days when there were no proper communication mediums, people were focused more on their own surroundings. They used to keep check of how they feel. Now when the TV is consistently bringing new information from around the world, a major part of that information is full of negative thoughts.

We watch and hear about corruption, wars, killings, and crimes. Is that what we want to feed our brain? When you stop watching the news, you feel like you’re ignoring things. But in reality, most of the things you watch and read every day, more than 99 percent of them are out of your control. Choose to focus on good things around you. Make it a habit and you’ll see a positive change.

Create an environment that stimulates positivity

No matter how big or small your house is, if there’s a positive environment, it will help you look and feel good every day without any extra efforts. Paint your walls with the colors you like and keep your space clean and organized. You can also put some motivational quotes in different places. Bring plants, rearrange furniture or remove the stuff you don’t like. Some small changes can instantly bring positive energy into the house. Using artificial fragrances can also change your mood.

See the right side

We easily forget about those countless good things happening around us and consistently focus on what’s wrong outside. We behave like we are designed to think in that particular way. We find faults, we see problems in almost everything, we assume even before thinking from a different perspective. Can you stop thinking in that way and start seeing the right side of things and situations? Yes, you can. Maybe you will not be able to do this all the time and in every situation, but at least don’t carry that feeling of “something’s wrong in everything.”

Give genuine compliments

Want to make your day better or want to feel better every day? You should make the day beautiful for someone else too. No matter if you’re on a train, bus, or sitting in the office, give a genuine compliment to someone. It will not only boost their confidence, but it will also make you feel positive about your attitude and you will feel loved.

The act of giving compliments makes people feel more special. Telling someone that their work has made a positive impact reinforces their value in this big world. Do it often and you will see how your own sense of well-being gets increased.

Change your perception

By making changes in your perception, you change your reality for good. Keep in mind that your perception is the reality you see around yourself. What you think about someone is what you see when they are around. Not everyone makes perceptions without giving enough thoughts, but even if you are carrying a perception about someone, try to challenge it and see if something new happens.

Become self-dependent – emotionally & financially

Don’t pay too much attention to the people who set a price tag for happiness. Long back, a research came out in light and it suggests that those who make $75000 a year are happy. Some people took this research in a different way and created a theory that in order to be happy, one should earn at least that much money. Money matters, but don’t set a price tag, instead focus on self-reliance and become emotionally and financially independent. It will help you stay away from approval-seeking.

Break out of thought loops

You can never be happy if you are unable to align your thoughts. People think too much and this obsession with thinking starts controlling their decisions. Think about what makes you happy and what are the things that make you sad. It’s important to arrive at a conclusion. If a chain of thoughts has been keeping you unhappy for a long time, it’s important to break it with a conclusion.

Don’t postpone happiness

If you want to look and feel good every day, don’t postpone happiness. Happiness neither lives in the future nor it does in the past, it is here in this moment. If you choose to be sad or feel that someday, you will feel better then it clearly means that you’re not ready to accept the present moment. No matter how busy you are, don’t miss any chance that takes you closer to happiness.

A happy lifestyle

Ask yourself many questions about what kind of lifestyle you want to follow today and in the future. Start it now only. Don’t jump to conclusion. Think and plan a positive, happy lifestyle. It should include everything from your morning rituals to making the bed for the night. The more organized your day is, the better you will feel about the goals you accomplish.

Pray or meditate

It’s not at all connected to any religious practice. A prayer means you are asking the universe, the energy and your heart to bring you the results you want to see. If you’re confused, pray and ask for the power to make the right decisions. When in doubt, use the power of prayer or meditation to find solutions. It helps a lot, just try it at least for a few days.

Learn to say NO

Say no to people if you don’t want to be a part of something. No matter how big or small it is, don’t allow others to put you in a situation you don’t like. Keep in mind that what you allow becomes normal for others. If you allow others to make you compromise on your values, you will be treated like that in the future. The power of saying no can amazingly help you look and feel good every day.

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